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In England's 3-0 victory over Wales, Everton striker Lewin made the start on behalf of the Three Lions and scored a wonderful header. After the game, Lewin was selected as the player of the game by the WhosScored website.


For Lewin, he not only scored the first goal of his personal national team career, but also continued the good form of the season.


So far, Lewin has played 6 times on behalf of Everton in the 2020-2021 season, scoring 9 goals, averaging 1.5 goals per game, and tied with Tottenham’s Sun Xingmin for the top scorer in the Premier League.


Looking at the data of Lewin's career, although he was placed high hopes by the media at the beginning of his debut, his overall performance before this season has no bright spots: 1 goal in the 2016-2017 season and 8 in the 2017-2018 season. He scored 8 goals in the 2018-2019 season. The 2019-2020 season is the season with the most goals in his career, scoring 15 goals.

从Lewin的职业数据来看,尽管他在首次亮相之初就受到媒体寄予厚望,但他本赛季之前的整体表现没有亮点:2016-2017赛季1个进球,2017-2018赛季8个进球季节。他在2018-2019赛季攻入8球。 2019-2020赛季是他职业生涯中进球最多的赛季,攻入15球。

Nevertheless, the personal data of 15 goals in a single season is hard to say in the "star-studded" Premier League.


Just when people have forgotten the high hopes of Lewin, the England center suddenly emerged this season, showing a scoring level comparable to that of a top center, successfully helping Toffee Everton reach the top of the Premier League table.


The WhosScored website scored 8.33 points for Lewin this season, ranking first among all centers in the Premier League. You know, Lewin's highest score in a single season was only 6.87, and he could only squeeze into the top 20 in the same position.


Lewin's strong rise this season is not accidental. It includes his own efforts and Ancelotti's careful training.


So far, Lewin has scored 6 goals in the Premier League this season, and of these 6 goals, 3 goals came from headers, accounting for 50% of his total goals. Ranked first in the Premier League.


In the 2015-2016 season, Lewin scored a total of 3 headers; in the 2016-2017 season, Lewin scored without a header; in the 2017-2018 season, Lewin scored a total of 2 headers; in the 2018-2019 season, Lewin scored a total of 2 headers. Scored 4 headers; Lewin only scored 1 header in the 2019-2020 season.

在2015-2016赛季,Lewin共获得3个头球;在2016-2017赛季,莱文(Lewin)没有头球得分;在2017-2018赛季,Lewin共获得2个头球;在2018-2019赛季,Lewin共获得2个头球。得分4个标题; Lewin在2019-2020赛季仅获得1个头球。

Lewin's header ability has grown significantly this season, and people can't help asking: What made the 23-year-old young forward grow up overnight and become the "header king" in the Premier League?


Due to the requirements of the head coach and his own tactical habits, Lewin before this season advocated a sharp edge in the game. The above picture is his heat map in the previous two seasons. It can be found that Lewin's time in the penalty area is not even as good as the side.


The technical characteristics of actively pulling back and pulling the side indeed gave Everton more options for attacking plans, but it reduced the impact of Toffee on the goal side.


After Ancelotti came to the team, he realized that although Lewin's height and weight seem to be "influenced" (1 meter 86 height, weight 71KG), he can still act as an "air tyrant" with the super start speed .


According to Sky Sports statistics, Lewin is the fastest player in the Toffees team in the 4 Premier League games this season. In the match against West Bromwich Albion, his fastest speed reached 35.12 km/h, even faster than many wingers who are known for their speed.


A strong body coupled with a super fast starting speed, this physical quality has made Ancelotti more clear about how to use it: reduce activities outside the penalty area, and place more attention on a little control in the penalty area.


When the time comes this season, the number of times Lewin has left the penalty area has been significantly reduced, and the England international has begun to put more attention in the penalty area.


This change in tactical characteristics has brought about a significant increase in the number of shots: Lewin averaged 3.8 shots per game this season, ranking third in the same position; average shots per game reached 2.3 times, ranking the same Position 2nd. Last season, Lewin averaged only 2.4 shots per game, ranking 14th in the same position; averaged 1.1 shots per game, ranking 10th in the same position.


The enhancement of Lewin's header ability is even more obvious. He has completed 36 championships this season (ranked 4th in the Premier League) and succeeded 17 times (ranked 5th in the Premier League).


Let's take a look at the goal Lewin scored in the first round of the Premier League this season. As shown in the picture, the free kick taken by Digne drew a perfect arc to cross the front point, and Lewin used his super physical fitness to complete the header against the closing defense of two Tottenham players.


A strong body allows Lewin to have a strong one-shot scramble ability, and the super start speed allows Lewin to complete a difficult header. But from another point of view, these two factors alone are not enough to gain a foothold in the Premier League. There are many reasons why Lewin can explode this season.

强大的身体使Lewin具备强大的单发争夺能力,而超级起步速度则使Lewin能够完成困难的头球。但是从另一个角度来看,仅这两个因素不足以在英超联赛中站稳脚跟。 Lewin可以在本赛季爆发的原因很多。

Let's take a look at the header Lewin scored against Brighton. When Sigurdson took possession of the ball on the left, Lewin had quietly completed the transition with Richard Leeson, thus cruising to the defensive area of ​​Brighton right back Ben White.

让我们看一下莱文对布莱顿的头球得分。当西格德森(Sigurdson)占据左侧球时,莱温(Lewin)与理查亚博平台网上登录德·里森(Richard Leeson)悄悄完成了转场,从而巡航到布莱顿右后卫本·怀特(Ben White)的防守区。

Why did Lewin switch positions with Richard Leeson in this offense? Let’s take a look at the heights of the three central defenders in Brighton: left back Webster is 1.91 meters tall, central defender Dunk is 1.92 meters tall, right back Ben White is 1.85 meters tall.

为什么Lewin在这次进攻中与Richard Leeson换了位置?让我们看一下布莱顿的三名中后卫的身高:韦伯斯特的左后卫身高1.91米,邓肯的中后卫身高1.92米,本·怀特右后卫身高1.85米。

On the whole, Webster and Dunk have obvious height advantages when facing Lewin, and only Ben White is shorter than Lewin. In this way, Lewin and Richard Leeson's dexterous change of position not only freed him from the restraint of the center defense, but also gave him a more free confrontation environment.


In the end, Sigurdsson crossed the front center point accurately with a cross from the left and found Lewin at the back point. It can be found that Ben White was obviously difficult to parry in the face of Lewin's physical confrontation, and was easily squeezed by the latter and then headered.


Chollima often has it, but Bole doesn't often have it. For Lewin, Ancelotti is his Bole.


Ancelotti's help to him not only "improved tactical status", but also let him know how to use running to get more offensive opportunities.


Speaking of running positions, I believe the name "Inzaghi" will surely flood the minds of many fans. As a thin and slow player, he can dominate the Serie A, which is known for his defense, and he cannot do without his "ghost" movement.

说到跑步位置,我相信“ Inzaghi”这个名字肯定会引起很多粉丝的注意。作为一个瘦弱而缓慢的球员,他可以统治意甲,后者以防守着称。他不能没有“鬼”动作。

Before Ancelotti entered the Toffee, Lewin was often asked to withdraw from the penalty area and participate in the organization and guidance of his midfielder. The above picture is a heat map of Lewin's shooting under Marco Silva. It can be found that as a single arrow of the team, Lewin's shots are many, but more of them come from outside the small penalty area. There are not many chances of breaking.

在安切洛蒂(Ancelotti)进入太妃糖之前,经常要求莱温(Lewin)退出禁区,并参与其中场的组织和指导。上图是Lewin在Marco Silva的枪击下的热图。可以发现,作为球队的一支箭,Lewin的投篮次数很多,但更多的是来自小禁区之外的。破裂的机会不多。

After Ancelotti came to the team, he introduced Colombian James Rodriguez in the summer window of this season. The addition of Ronaldo has greatly enhanced Everton’s frontcourt control and the ability to pass threats. . In this context, Lewin's pressure to withdraw has alleviated a lot.

安切洛蒂(Ancelotti)加盟车队后,他在本赛季的夏季之窗介绍了哥伦比亚籍詹姆斯·罗德里格斯(James Rodriguez)。罗纳尔多的加入极大地增强了埃弗顿的前场控制能力和通过威胁的能力。 。在这种情况下,Lewin退出的压力大大减轻了。

As shown in the picture, Lewin's number of shots in the small penalty area under Ancelotti's rule has increased significantly. As he is closer to the goal, his shooting success rate has naturally increased accordingly.


According to common sense, since Lewin's time to enter the small restricted area has increased, he will inevitably be subject to more targeted marking restrictions. Not only did Kolewin's chances in the small penalty zone not decrease this season, but it increased significantly. He even found a lot of "unmarked shooting opportunities."


The reason is very simple. Lewin's running skills have been significantly improved under Ancelotti's training, and Ancelotti also intends to make it the "next Inzaghi".


Ancelotti once said in an interview: "I used to have an excellent striker, Inzaghi, 210 of his 300 goals were scored by one touch. The striker must focus on the penalty area. Inside, I think Lewin knows this very well because he has speed in the penalty area, he can jump very high, and he has strength."


"The place where he has made the most progress is in the penalty area. He is still very young and has achieved good development. The frontcourt cooperation is also very good, they have the support of Ronaldo, and Ronaldo has done a good job at this stage. ."


Lewin also confirmed Ancelotti's emphasis on his offensive strategy and his running style: "Ancelotti will guide me every day to make a shot attempt with the ball and find a suitable position in the penalty area."


Touch the ball with one foot and find the position. These words seem simple, but in fact they require a combination of talent and hard work.


The above animation is Lewin's first goal against West Bromwich Albion. As shown in the figure, Lewin and Richard Leeson switched positions again during this offense, effectively disrupting the opponent's defensive layout. When the teammate on the right chose to cross to find Richardson in the middle, Lewin’s responsibilities in this offense were quietly converted to a “two penalty kick controller”. In the end, Richard Leeson's grab point in the center forced the defender to make a clearance error, and Lewin, who rushed to the goal swiftly, used his heel to score lightly.

上面的动画是Lewin对抗West Bromwich Albion的第一个进球。如图所示,Lewin和Richard Leeson在这次进攻中再次换了位置,有效地破坏了对手的防守布局。当右边的队友选择越过中间找到理查森时,莱文在进攻中的责任悄悄地转变成“两次罚球控制器”。最终,理查德·李森(Richard Leeson)在中锋的抓球迫使后卫犯规解围,莱文(Lewin)迅速冲向球门,用脚后跟轻轻得分。

This goal seems to come from good luck, but it has a lot to do with Lewin's active game style and increasingly mature running awareness.


Let's take a look at Lewin's second goal in this game. As shown in the picture, when Ronaldo drove the ball, Lewin was not eager to start, but hidden himself behind the body of West Brom defender Bartley. Considering that the ball running line is in the upper left of Bartley, Lewin's position has become Bartley's "defensive blind zone."


It can also be seen from the animation that Bartley has consciously observed the surroundings after the ball is taken out, in an attempt to find Lewin and exert physical pressure on it, but Lewin’s clever running position made him no trace. In the end, I could only use the very risky "empty Lewin and block the ball" method.


The goal Lewin scored against Crystal Palace can also show his increasingly mature running characteristics. As shown in the picture above, Lewin will not stand beside the defender like some traditional high center forwards in the process of positional offense, trying to use his body to defeat the opponent head-on to find space to catch the ball.


For Lewin, although his physical fitness is good, he is still far from the level of "crushing" a guard. Therefore, Lewin rarely presses forward to a position parallel to the back line before receiving the ball, and he prefers to cruise in the gap between the opponent's back line and the midfield line.


This running mentality posed a big problem for the opponent: Is the midfielder to defend Lewin or the defender to defend Lewin? If the midfielder retreats to defend Lewin by a large margin, a huge gap will be exposed at the top of the penalty area, and Everton's midfielder will have more space to play the ball from the side; if the defender pushes out to defend Lewin, the penalty area will be partially small. There will be a vacuum in the area, and the post-insertion speed of Lewin and Richard Leeson will be useful.

这种奔跑的心态给对手带来了一个大问题:中场是防守Lewin还是后卫是捍卫Lewin?如果中场撤退以大幅度防守莱文,罚球区的顶部将出现巨大的差距,埃弗顿的中场将有更多空间从侧面打球。如果后卫出手防守Lewin,则罚球范围会很小。该地区将会出现真空,Lewin和Richard Leeson的插入后速度将非常有用。

As shown in the picture, when Coleman completed a low pass on the right, Lewin was completely unmarked in the penalty area. In the end, Kuyat had no choice but to watch him easily push the shot.


On the whole, the reason why Lewin has been able to get so many "unmarked shots" this season is not because of his luck, but more because of his ghostly movement that deceives the opposing defender. In other words, how can a defender limit his shooting if he can't even find a defender?


As one of the hottest stars in the Premier League this season, Lewin's name will inevitably appear on the tactical boards of major teams countless times. For the 23-year-old England international, the increase in popularity will indeed put him under greater defensive pressure, but it will also increase his comprehensiveness as a center to a certain extent.


Looking at Lewin's career, it is his skill to grab some outflanks, but this alone is not enough to be among the world's top centers.


If Suarez, Lewandowski, Harry Kane and other top centers are the criteria for judging, Lewin's skills and passing awareness still have a lot of room for improvement. In the 2019-2020 season, Lewin only created an excellent scoring opportunity, ranking 35th in the same position; he averaged only 0.4 key passes per game, ranking 37th in the same position.

如果以苏亚雷斯(Suarez),莱万多夫斯基(Lewandowski),哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)和其他顶尖中锋为评判标准,那么莱文的技能和传球意识仍有很大的提升空间。在2019-2020赛季,Lewin创造了一个绝佳的得分机会,在相同位置排名第35位;他场均只有0.4次关键传球,在同一位置上排名第37位。

More importantly, despite his distinctive retracement and side-drawing characteristics last season, Lewin’s results can only be described as satisfactory: he averaged only 15.4 passes per game, ranking 21st in the same position. The pass success rate is only 64%, ranking 44th in the same position; the frontcourt pass success rate is only 60%, ranking 36th in the same position.


Even looking at this season, Lewin's performance on the organizational side is still unspeakably excellent. Up to now, Lewin’s key passes per game is only 0.3 times, ranking 26th in the same position; the average number of passes per game is 16.3 times, ranking 19th in the same position; although the pass success rate is higher than last season Improved, but still at a lower level.


To become a top center, excellent scoring efficiency is naturally essential, but a moderate retracement organization is also very important. Obviously, Lewin has room for improvement in this regard.


Some friends can’t help asking: Now Everton’s record is good enough, even if Lewin really strengthens his ability to pass and catch the ball, what can he add to Toffee’s offense?


As mentioned above, as Lewin's performance this season becomes more eye-catching, a series of tactics specifically aimed at him will be born. It is foreseeable that Lewin will be subject to stricter surveillance for a long time in the future, and the so-called "personnel restriction" does not seem to be far away.


In such a background environment, in addition to further tempering its own original characteristics, it is very important to enrich and add offensive methods in time.


Ancelotti has long begun to target Lewin's diversified abilities as a center. After joining the home team last season, whether in the 442 formation, 4231 formation or 433 formation, Ancelotti will often ask Richard Levin to switch positions. In this season, such requests have become more frequent.

安切洛蒂(Ancelotti)长期以来一直以莱文(Lewin)的多元化能力为中心。上赛季加入主队后,无论是442阵型,4231阵型还是433阵型,安切洛蒂都会经常要求理查德·莱文(Richard Levin)转换位置。在这个季节,这种要求变得更加频繁。

Frequent shifts can not only disrupt the opponent's original defensive layout, but also allow Lewin's speed advantage to have more room for display. At the same time, although Richard Leeson appears more on the wing, his ability to grasp opportunities and key ball delivery is as good as Lewin. Placing the Brazil international in the middle will not only reduce the impact on the goal, but will further enrich the team's sense of offense.

频繁的换档不仅可以打乱对手的原始防守布局,还可以使Lewin的速度优势拥有更多的显示空间。同时,尽管理查德·李森(Richard Leeson)出现在机翼上的机会更多,但他把握机会和接发关键球的能力与莱文一样出色。将巴西国脚放到中间位置,不仅会减少对目标的影响,还将进一步丰富球队的进攻意识。

Someone who sees this will ask: As a true center, what help can Lewin bring to the team's defense?


From the data point of view, the defensive data of the new England international last season can only be described in general, and only the average number of clearances per game can squeeze into the top 10 in the same position.


Even in this season when he shines, only the average number of blocks per game can squeeze into the top 10.


The author needs to emphasize that the data can indeed directly reflect the defensive performance of a player, but it cannot show its contribution on the defensive end from multiple angles.


As Klopp and Guardiola have become popular in the Premier League, more and more coaches have begun to accept this slightly "adventurous" tactic. As a world-famous coach, Ancelotti has extremely rich tactical experience. He has taken a fancy to the young and daring spirit of Everton's frontcourt players and gave them a certain degree of pressing tasks.


Unlike Klopp and Guardiola, Everton’s paper strength is weaker than that of Liverpool and Manchester City. , Half-time forced to "show people."

与克洛普和瓜迪奥拉不同,埃弗顿的纸面实力不及利物浦和曼城。 ,半场被迫“向人们展示”。

In such a background environment, it is not realistic to gather multiple people to form a "four-bread clip" for a certain ball holder of the opponent. If Everton wants to use high pressure to achieve results, he must find a more suitable plan.


Judging from the current situation, Ancelotti has adopted a parallel pressing strategy of "interference + pre-judgment".


To put it simply, Ancelotti is well aware of the lack of manpower in the frontcourt. In order to improve the success rate, Ancelotti asked the frontcourt players to pay more attention to blocking the passing route during the press, so as to form an effective situation of 1 grabbing 1 or 2 grabbing 1 in a local area.


As a strenuous young player, Lewin has already mastered Ancelotti's core idea of ​​pressing. In the league against the Red Devils Manchester United last season, Lewin and Richard Leeson used reasonable pressing tactics to create a goal.

作为一个费力的年轻球员,莱文已经掌握了安切洛蒂的核心压榨理念。在上赛季对阵红魔曼联的比赛中,莱温和理查德·李森(Richard Leeson)使用合理的紧逼战术制定了一个进球。

As shown in the picture, when Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea got the ball, only Lewin put moderate pressure on the position. Although Richard Leeson did not coordinate the upward pressure, he blocked De Gea's pass to the right in time, forcing the Spanish national goal to force his big foot (De Gea's body) Side to front right, unable to adjust the step point to pass to the left in a short time).

如图所示,当曼联门将De Gea拿到球时,只有Lewin对该位置施加了适度的压力。尽管理查德·李森(Richard Leeson)未能协调向上的压力,但他及时阻止了德吉亚(De Gea)的传球,迫使西班牙国家进球将他的大脚(德吉亚的身体)侧向右前方,无法调整要传递的脚步短时间内离开左边)。

In the end, Lewin used his speed advantage to be in place in time, successfully cut off De Gea's big foot and blocked the goal with the ball.

最后,Lewin利用他的速度优势及时完成了比赛,成功切断了De Gea的大脚,并用球将球挡住了。

Let's look at the goal Lewin scored against Chelsea in the blues. As shown in the picture above, when Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa controlled the ball, Lewin did not immediately push up (too aggressive pressing will make Kepa vigilant, so he uses long passes directly, which has the effect of frontcourt pressing. Will no longer exist), but instead dexterously blocked Kepa's passing line to the center, forcing the latter to adopt a split tactic.

让我们看看莱文在蓝军对阵切尔西的进球。如上图所示,当切尔西门将凯帕控制球时,莱温并没有立即上推(过于激进的压迫会使凯帕保持警惕,因此他直接使用长传,这具有前场压迫的作用。将不再存在) ,但反而巧妙地将Kepa的传球路线阻挡在中心位置,迫使后者采取分裂战术。

Why does Lewin need to force Kepa to move the ball to the side as much as possible? This has a lot to do with the overall position of Chelsea's backcourt players. It can be found that Chelsea placed many people in the middle in the process of advancing from back to front, hoping to penetrate the ball from the middle to the midfield, and then divide the sides.


In this context, Chelsea only set up a catcher on the side of the backcourt. Once Kepa has no choice but to transfer the ball to the left center back, Everton's wing player can cooperate with Lewin in the middle to form a short 2 to 1 grab.


As shown in the picture above, when Kepa's side pass made a mistake, Walcott was able to get an excellent chance of 1V1 Zuma. After a little dribbling, the "little tiger" formed a delicate match with the diagonally inserted Lewin. Although Lewin's heel ball didn't help the teammates who outflanked the center to form a goal, he personally seized the two penalty chance to help Toffee make another victory.

如上图所示,当Kepa的侧传失误时,Walcott能够获得1V1 Zuma的绝佳机会。经过一点点运球,“小老虎”与斜插入的Lewin形成了精致的搭配。尽管Lewin的脚跟球并没有帮助超越中心的队友形成一个进球,但他亲自抓住了两次罚球机会来帮助Toffee取得另一个胜利。

Ancelotti's powerful tactical transformation ability has long been seen for all, and Everton this season has shown us a good press and organization ability more than once. But for them, temporary success cannot be a reason for arrogance. When the team faces Liverpool, Manchester City and other teams with stronger defensive lines, the so-called press organization remains to be tested.


Talented people have come out from generation to generation, and they have led the way for hundreds of years. In the 2019-2020 season, Lewin used an amazing performance to make Kane, Aguero, Firmino and other famous centers a little less coquettish.


But looking at the world football, although there are many young people who have become famous, there are not a few cases of "injury Zhongyong". For this young player, the current praise is certainly a "booster" for him to forge ahead, but it may also become a "stumbling block" that hinders his progress.


Only by keeping a normal heart and devoting extra effort to the tempering of his own technical consciousness can Lewin launch an impact on a higher hall.




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