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亚博网上登录-李霄鹏辞职因情感上受到了伤害 心力交瘁急火攻心

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  Source: Beijing headlines


Beijing headline reporter Xiao Nan

Beijing headline reporter ξ AO NaN

   October 5th was the day when the Shandong Luneng team regrouped, but on this day at the training site in Jinan, it was not the 45-year-old Li Xiaopeng who led the team, but his good partner, good assistant and good brother Hao Wei for many years. In the afternoon, Shandong Luneng Club announced through official channels that Li Xiaopeng would no longer be the coach of Luneng's first team due to physical reasons, and it was Hao Wei who replaced him.


   Regardless of whether the "proactive resignation" circulated in the world is true or not, the use of "off get out of class" to describe Li Xiaopeng's departure lacks respect for him personally. After all, in the first stage of this season’s Super League, Luneng finished third in Group A with a record of 7 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses, and entered the second stage of the championship. Li Xiaopeng has been coaching for more than two and a half years. , The winning rate exceeded 50%.

不管世上流传的“主动辞职”是真的还是假的,用“下车走出课堂”来形容李小鹏的离开都缺乏对他个人的尊重。毕竟,在本赛季中超联赛的第一阶段,鲁能队以7胜3平4负的成绩获得了A组第三名,并进入了冠军的第二阶段。李小鹏已经执教了两年半。 ,中奖率超过50%。

   What caused Li Xiaopeng's departure? The "physical cause" in Luneng's official announcement does exist objectively. Industry insiders familiar with Li Xiaopeng revealed that as early as during the first stage of the Chinese Super League, Li Xiaopeng had symptoms such as "getting up", but because the schedule was too dense, he kept carrying on. It is precisely because Li Xiaopeng is humble and humorous on weekdays, so most outsiders cannot see the hardship and tolerance behind him.


   In the fierce competition and even cruel professional football, whether a head coach is "good" or "bad", character, quality and even ability are often not the most important or the most direct basis for judging. Many people, including club investors and fans, are more accustomed to talking about heroes by "success or failure", and they are no exception to Li Xiaopeng.


   From the fourth round of leading the team to "first win" Evergrande in the Super League to the seventh round of sweeping R & F 5-1, Luneng team finished with a wave of 4 consecutive victories in the first half of the first stage. At that time, in the eyes of the outside world, Luneng was only a small step away from "hit the line" in advance of the championship group. At that time, Li Xiaopeng was highly praised by the fans, but from the 8th to the 11th round, Luneng suffered 3 losses and 1 tie, and the team's situation in the championship group took a sharp turn. At that time, Li Xiaopeng, who was once "raised to the sky" by the fans, was "smashed" by intensive verbal criticism.


  The people who work with Li Xiaopeng know very well that he is an up-and-coming man, but he never succumbed to difficulties and pressure. When he took over the Luneng team, Li Xiaopeng was nothing more than "emotion and responsibility" and used the way of leading the team to give back to the club that had cultivated him. But in this extraordinary year of 2020, the club has encountered troublesome times due to a series of issues such as equity changes.


   According to industry insiders, Li Xiaopeng took the initiative to resign as Luneng coach. It was also revealed that during the first stage of the Super League, Li Xiaopeng had the idea of ​​leaving. For 45-year-old Li Xiaopeng, physical and mental exhaustion has long been the norm during Luneng coaching for the past two and a half years.


   Even though Li Xiaopeng did not respond to outsiders' evaluations or even irresponsible accusations about himself until he left his commanding position, he would never speak ill of others. However, the online and offline accusations and abuses of some fans are really harsh, and similar voices are really unbearable for a loyal and dedicated veteran of the club. Handing over Shuai Yin is not the only choice for Li Xiaopeng personally, but if he suffers injustice while moving forward with heavy burdens, what else can Li Xiaopeng make besides letting go?


   Regarding Li Xiaopeng’s departure, his supporters and opponents received mixed reviews. But in today's domestic professional football that is realistic, Li Xiaopeng can work with a few local coaches such as Xie Feng to break through the monopoly of foreign teachers. This courage and responsibility itself is very valuable.


For Li Xiaopeng personally, many people’s good impressions may be in the Li-style quizzes like "fishing for a big fish and getting three sap", but no one can ignore his achievements and achievements as a professional coach. Its efforts and the sacrifice of personal interests.


   Soon after the Luneng Club made the announcement, the AFC reposted the AFP report on Li Xiaopeng’s departure in an important place on its official website very rarely. He also specifically mentioned his past two consecutive times led Luneng team to the FA Cup finals. As a local coach who has won the best coach award in the Chinese Super League, Li Xiaopeng has no regrets about his coaching work in the past period. As for the level of coaching, it is fair to say.


   When Hao Wei led his team at the club base in the south of Jinan, Li Xiaopeng was recuperating at home. After experiencing a period of overloaded work, Li Xiaopeng rarely meets with relatives and friends. For a professional football coach who is only 45 years old, leaving for the time being is just to build up new glory. All the fans who care about and love Li Xiaopeng and friends inside and outside the football world are looking forward to the "blood resurrection" of Li Xiaopeng who speaks "Qingdao-style Mandarin" and will be back in the center of the coaching stage.


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