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The NBA Finals will officially start in October, and the CBA League, which will bid farewell to the fans for a short time next month, will also reignite. Yesterday, Beijing Shougang Club held a welcome ceremony for the new coach and new players. The addition of these fresh blood has injected vitality into the new season of Shougang. Although the recruitment has been officially announced before this, what is more attractive than the new lineup combination at the welcome ceremony is that the layout and development of Shougang Sports are more powerful.


As we all know, in addition to the preparations for the men's and women's basketball clubs, Shougang Sports also has a series of professional sports-related work such as ice hockey. Shougang has always been the leader in expanding domestic economic sports business. Different from other clubs, Beijing Shougang is really planning the future and is also trying to create a brand new model of sports IP.


The sports industry is a sunrise industry that has developed rapidly in China in recent years. Many businesses are testing the waters, but the income effects are quite different. Beijing Shougang, on the other hand, is relying on the reputation of the basketball club to gradually expand its industrial chain, and create a number of explosive projects, which have become the hot focus of the moment. In the welcome ceremony yesterday, many players of the Beijing Shougang Team became the spokespersons and experience officers of major business partners. Not only did they introduce commercial resources for the club, the players also gained better publicity and promotion value. The reason why Beijing Shougang has won the favor of so many brands is due to the continuous development of the team in recent years and the business expansion of the management over the years.


At the welcome ceremony yesterday, the most eye-catching thing was that Shougang launched the "5G Digital Smart Stadium", using smart sports flooring to escort the players. The innovative application of this point is the first of CBA, leading the development direction of the entire Chinese sports. In the future, Shougang Sports will become the first 5G digital technology stadium in CBA. The stadium can use the latest technologies such as motion capture and virtual competition to create a digital immersive interactive experience. It is committed to the perception of sports scenes, the digitalization of sports experience, and the digitalization of sports status. , Visualization, through technical means and scientific algorithms, the player's status is monitored throughout the entire process, and sports injuries are protected from time to time. It promotes the integration and innovation of Shougang sports offline experience and digital technology, leading the new trend and new standard of the sports industry. At that time, the application of technology to training and competitions will have an immeasurable boost to the players' physical health and on-the-spot performance.

在昨天的欢迎仪式上,最引人注目的是首钢推出了“ 5G数字智能体育场”,它使用智能运动地板护送球员。这一点的创新性应用是CBA的首创,引领着整个中国体育的发展方向。未来,首钢体育将成为CBA中的第一个5G数字技术体育场。体育场可以使用最新技术(例如动作捕捉和虚拟比赛)来创建数字沉浸式互动体验。它致力于运动场景的感知,运动体验的数字化以及运动状态的数字化。 ,可视化,通过技术手段和科学算法,在整个过程中监控运动员的状态,并不时保护运动伤害。推动首钢体育线下体验与数字技术的融合与创新,引领体育产业的新趋势,新标准。届时,技术在训练和比赛中的应用将极大地提高运动员的身体健康和现场表现。

As for the upcoming new season, many fans have a little regret about the empty game system and cannot come to the scene to play Call for the home team. However, Shougang Sports launched the "Beijing·Juyun Watching Tournament" mode based on the current situation, creating a new concept for watching the second scene. If fans of the Beijing Shougang team can go to the theme restaurant of the team, experience their own exclusive rights, cheer for the home team, and form a gathering place for fans of the capital. Shougang Sports has created a "sports + catering" break-through marketing, which not only breaks the barriers of sports development, but also forms the life concept of healthy catering and healthy sports for the whole people.


With Shougang's deep cultivation and expansion in the field of sports over the years, the sports atmosphere in the city of Beijing has never been higher. As the CEO of Shougang Sports, Qin Xiaowen is an indispensable contributor to the promotion of the sports industry in Beijing. Qin Xiaowen's advanced vision and advanced management concepts, including year-round foreign exchange and learning, and focus on the development of sports itself, have enabled her to deliver high-quality resources to the entire field. Under the leadership of Qin Xiaowen, the signing of Beijing Shougang Men's Basketball Team can be described as impressive in the offseason, and now the appearance of the new model of the entire Shougang sports industry is even more impressive.


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